A Bit About Us

Our inspiration for this program stems from our passion for the performing arts. We first met in fourth grade through a local theater production and ever since then theater has been a part of our lives. As rising seniors at Wellesley High School, we have been in over 20 productions, both at the community and school level. Our experiences have provided us with the necessary tools to create our own startup that's focused on a kid-friendly curriculum for elementary schoolers.

We saw the need for a greater youth involvement in theater education, so we started ACTivate Imagination Now. As a small theater program we promise to help your kids explore their creativity and acting ability, including the life skills that theater can provide. Theater invokes confidence and creativity, as well as building public speaking skills. Above all, theater is an artistic outlet for kids to express themselves, and open their eyes to a new community.

-Gillian Lee and Lillie Ayer

Our Team

Gillian Lee



Gillian is a rising senior at Wellesley High School. She has been performing since the fourth-grade in both musicals and plays. Fall 2020 will mark her ninth year participating in theater when she will have participated in over 20 productions as she continues her work in the Wellesley High School Theater Department. She has work and volunteer experience teaching children and making lesson plans in after-school programs, babysitting, and virtual tutoring.

Lillie Ayer



Lillie Ayer is a rising senior at Wellesley High School, who first started performing nine years ago. She is involved in the Wellesley High School Theater, Keynote Singers Select Ensemble, and Inchordination Acapella at the high school. In addition, Lillie has experience with children through being a camp counselor, babysitting, and volunteering for over three years. She aspires to enrich her community with the arts through co-creating ACTivate Imagination Now with her co-founder, Gillian Lee.

Grace Bida

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Grace Bida is a rising senior at Wellesley High School. She has been involved with choir since fifth grade, and is currently a member of Acapella Anonymous and the select choir, Keynote Singers. Over the past few years, Grace has begun to use photography not only as an art form but as a tool to facilitate empathy among and between different communities of diverse individuals. With AIN, Grace is excited to continue this empathy work and use her photography to amplify the voices of others.